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GRACE under Pressure

“Pressure pushing down on me. Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure that brings a building down…. Can’t we give ourselves one more chance Why can’t we give love that one more chance…. ‘Cause love’s such an … Continue reading

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Sometimes my Peace Pipe is Smoking

Peace. What is it good for? Absolutely everything, say it again! ω There is hardly a more valuable virtue, state of being or blessing, than Peace. But at what cost? Accommodation? Definitely. Appeasement? If necessary, but carefully. Acquiescence? Surrender… Peace at all … Continue reading

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Ruling the World, And Other Hobbies I Have Lost Interest In.

When I was a younger man I wanted to make the world a better place. I still do. My first professional foray into that endeavor was through social work, and then politics. Recently, I uncovered notes I had written over a two-day  period, while … Continue reading

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Beetin’ Up, Old Age.

I am eating a big bowl of beets right now. Thought you should know. By tomorrow morning at 5:30 am when I’m up to take a wizz I will have forgotten this and worry momentarily that a kidney has burst. Growing … Continue reading

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My Dogs Have a More Interesting Life Than I Do… Or, Is It Just My Imagination.

I have two pugs. They love me like no other. They tilt their heads to listen, And don’t care if I stutter. They enjoy the company of people,  Are low maintenance as well. I can sometimes use them as pillows, … Continue reading

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Today I was moving boxes around, remnants of a life unshucked. While driving down Mallard Rd; I looked up for flying ducks. Contemplating isotropic principle, and things probably better left unsaid, I thought, “Maybe I should be Hindu?, Maybe I’d be better fed?’ … Continue reading

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I am blessed beyond measure to have grown up in the family I have. We are large in number, close-knit and protective. As I get older I miss those that have gone on before more and more. It’s now that … Continue reading

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