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Things I’ve Learned as a Bachelor -Lesson 14

Irons. They’re stupid. In a pinch, hang clothes on shower curtain bar. Turn shower on hot. Spend 10 minutes looking for tv remote -psst- it’s in the fridge. Go back to bathroom. Viola!  Clothes are near mint! ••• Secret Ingredients for Bachelors: … Continue reading


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A Public Service Announcement

Health Officials in Ontario are warning the general public that due to a higher incidence of rabies than usual in the raccoon population, homeowners should take extra precautions in ensuring that their gates are securely closed, and to refrain from … Continue reading

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I am blessed beyond measure to have grown up in the family I have. We are large in number, close-knit and protective. As I get older I miss those that have gone on before more and more. It’s now that … Continue reading

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In this case, my Grandfather: It doesn’t matter how often you fall down, as long as the number of times you get back up outnumbers it , and try to do so quickly and cheerfully.” Call it a clan, call it … Continue reading

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