The Great White North Shark II

And Other Things I’ve learned As a Bachelor -Part 42



I caught a Lemon Shark once. I put it in my salt water pool and added a generous amount of tequila. It died.

Who knew?

Where’s a Nurse Shark when you need one.


If you ever have to fight a shark don’t invite it to a cage match.

They cheat!

shark and key


A Tiger Shark has no sense of fashion.


Hammerheads have been known to drink too much. …Fish!


I know, undeniably, that sharks do not live in the Great Lakes.

That, however, does not prevent me from peeing myself every time a piece of seaweed

touches my leg.


Just like two guys with the same name may not get along, neither will Bull Sharks and Bulldogs. “Sorry Angus! Who knew?!

pegleg pugpegleg pug


About Boon Tarkas

Two Great Parents My bedroom was a library Opinionated but,more often that not, factual. Transcending physicality. "If you don't take action now, you may settle for nothing later!" -RATM You gotta fight, fight the powers that be!" -Public Enemy "Oh let the son beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams." -Zeppelin
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