God is for losers

It doesn’t matter how often you fall as long as long as you get back up.
And, it doesn’t matter how you start, it all comes down to how you finish.
I’ll finish strong. And I’ll bear the scars of at one time being a loser -I hear women like that. The scars that is, not the loser part
Thanks RealMarkLandry

Peace Hacks

Jesus told the following parable to a group of people who had lost their way.  It was more of an indictment than anything else.  Following is a paraphrase of the story, taken directly from a collection of Koine Greek manuscripts commonly used in the creation of our modern Bibles.

Once there was a very rich man who had two sons.  One a winner, the other a loser.  The good son always did what he was told, worked hard on the family farm, and was a big contributor to the success of his father’s operation.  The other son was a somewhat lazy ne’er-do-well who couldn’t seem to get his act together.

The loser son one day went to his father, announced that he would be leaving, and asked for his inheritance.  Back then, this was tantamount to wishing your father dead – a very shameful act in the minds of Jesus’ audience…

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