Ruling the World…And Other Hobbies I Have Lost Interest In II

bulldog-drivingpowerThese are notes I discovered from 10 years ago when I was involved in politics. They may be of interest to some. I’m still an idealist but probably a bit more cynical. I’m a Libertarian now as well. Get informed. Take action. It’s much harder to rule a moving target.

If you can be the voice of just one body, you should strive to be the voice of the voiceless, the under-represented.

However, reason and balance must dictate -as in all things. There must be restraint in giving. If you ‘give til it hurts’ too many times, you end up bleeding to death. A parent should never give up so much of their own food for their kids mouths so that he dies of starvation and can no longer provide for them. There has to be a balance. This job is making me over-dramatic.

Cures can really hurt, but what if they cure what ails you. Regard our health care system: Is it in dire straits? Ask those who have waited for a specialist for a diagnosis, or had to bring a kid to the E.R, or needed an MRI. Better yet ask someone who knows the system intimately, ask a nurse.

The McGuinty governments decision to enact a health-care premium hurts, and Ontario’s public are bleeding financially right now, but I choose to acknowledge it as a transfusion. I am giving blood to something that I will rely on for my life in the future. Really, without a working health-care system where are we? What do you have if you don’t have your health.

Pay an additional tax though?!  All you have to do is look at your grandparents and then ask how much is it worth?

I can pay premiums and I will, and if my taxes no longer cover chiro. adjustments but rather gets my grandfather in to see a doctor quicker, so he can spend more time with me and his 14 other grandkids, then you can bill me.

Trying to maintain balance is difficult. Reality, and fiscal reality especuially can be harsh. The province is experiencing this right now. It is impossible to give everything to everyone. You have to prioritize, you have to triage in the face of what this government has to deal with: problems in health-care, electricity, education…

Is this budget all things to all people? No, how could it possibly be? What it does hold to? Two of the best wishes we could convey to ourselves and future generations: accessible health care and a decent education.

There are 3 major strikes against this budget.

Firstly: a 3% increase to Ontario Works and the Ontario Disablity Support Program. It seems a token and is already being denounced by all concerned parties. Did the poor not come out to vote? Have we forgotten that their plight was our primary grievance against the Tories? Are we to govern fiscally as Tories? Campaign from the Left, rule from the Centre?

After all our outpourings of concern, when we now have the ability to correct the most glaring deficiencies in our social fabric, we throw it some loose change?

3% =$17 increase for a single person. $30 to a single mom or a disabled person. $30 after 11 years!? That’s bullshit!

Second strike: we have delisted chiropracty, which I am ok with. We also delisted physio. I had to defend these cuts to a victim of an assault who required both services and now had to pay entirely out of pocket for them. We also delisted optometetry. But what of diabetics? As if the previous standard of a covered exam every two years was not already insufficient! How do we defend eyesight as not being critical. What are the health costs associated with blindness! This was a short-sighted move.

The task now for this office is to to argue that the preventative health benefits of all chiro, physio and optometry did not measure up in the balance fiscally. How to do this while our gov. is preaching prevention will be difficult.

The third major strike against this budget is the structure of the health care premium. It is a tax, ‘premium’ is a fancy word, and it is not progressive. Someone making $30k pays 1.5% of his income. Make $200k and you pay .5%. Now try and explain the ‘Fair Share Health Care Levy’.

The Health Tax hits the middle-class.

I have benefits. I’m fine. But if I did not have coverage and I had to pay 100% of my chiro, physio, and optometry, on top of the premium would I manage? Would I postpone healthcare decisions? Yes.

McGuinty is coming down on Tuesday,  the 24th. The meeting is stacked, but will cost only $20. Education will be the  focus.

Still smarting from Hamilton by-election. Many things are wrong here.

Lessons learned: Do not appoint! Do not ignore local celebrities. Never dump millions into a city just prior to election for it looks like, and is, vote-buying. Never count to much on name recognition. Always consider the actions of your friends, as well as your enemies as having an impact. Do not insult the intelligence of constituents. Do not over-saturate. Do not deny grass-roots! Learn from your mistakes because in this game you do not get too many.

Our gov. needs some patch legislation, and/or announcements. It would give us an ability to declare our opponents accusations null; it would give the appearance of action and responsiveness. Plus, patches are almost always needed. Always hold something in reserve.

Everyone likes to complain. It’s fun. It is a more onerous task to become informed and turn your opinions into facts. I believe that this is one of the reasons that Christina Blizzard is always seen in pictures smiling. 🙂

Bad news is ingested and passed around far more readily than good news. The Press know this and sell it. Minds are pliable to authorities, because our lives are so busy, and becoming educated can take a lot of time.

Because people are biased, an unbiased press is rare indeed. One must be aware of this, and question.  Ask: “Is there a possibility that I am basing my decisions on a ruse, on someone else’s agenda; am I being led?”

Become informed, or be led. And believe me the Press like to lead. Does the Press have an agenda? You bet.

“No 5 minutes before the Budget for you Premier, that’s not news-worthy.” Or see, the London Free Press or Sun’s coverage. When Blizzard is the Queens park rep. for 2/3 of our local dailies, you know you’re in trouble.

Thus, a friendly Press is essential, or you better have a fiercely effective Press Corp of your own. Information is power.  Influence is power.

Idealism does not ideally translate into reality.

God help the Feds. I wouldn’t want to be canvassing for them right now.

The Timberwolves and Garnett and the gang just ousted the Kings. They’re going to the Western Finals against the Lakers.

When we pass off one of our incoming cases to their proper, respective riding it’s of note for us because we do it so infrequently. we take pride in this fact; we try and entreat with people no matter where they live. We wish this attitude was shared.

Stress the Party, but stress men and women more.

We have a public health event, jointly with S.P (A great rep. Loves farmers), on Friday. We found out today; it’s Wednesday. Go J! poor compatriot.

Our strategic research man is sending form letters to editors, written as if he were a mom with two kids. How many wrong things can you pick out in this scenario?

This job is tough. Love it. If you don’t take action now, you may settle for nothing later.

-May 19th, 2004. Tomorrow’s my birthday.





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