Political Correctness


Not a fan of political-correctness.

Here is an analogy:

In Africa many people are forced to build their houses out of dung. In fact, in some cases people will even white-wash their homes walls so they are white. (The stalwart and honest denizens living in the village above chose not to).  Your house, your belief system, may very well have four walls and a roof, it may even have the virtue of an bright outward appearance, and so to does a worldview holding to political-correctness.

However, much like the dung houses, a world-view that encompasses political correctness is full of shit. Time to wake up folks and smell the …coffee.  Masquerades are special events. Life cannot and should not be lived that way.


About Boon Tarkas

Two Great Parents My bedroom was a library Opinionated but,more often that not, factual. Transcending physicality. "If you don't take action now, you may settle for nothing later!" -RATM You gotta fight, fight the powers that be!" -Public Enemy "Oh let the son beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams." -Zeppelin
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